South Wales Day Trip

01st April 2017
For want of a change from the normal and with no home game for the promotion chasing Blades, I decided on the spur of the moment that the late March weather forecast was good (for a change) and that I fancied a trip to the coast. I've always had Nash Point in South wales on my 'to do' list so I decided that would suit me just fine.

I booked into the Brentwood Hotel in Porthcawl which was OK for the night but it had its issues. After deciding the Reception was only an elaborate prop, perhaps left over from filming an exciting documentary on Porthcawl hotel life, I thought that I'd try the bar. Success. I received my room key but alas no directions to my room or complimentary beer. Even with my poor sense of direction I did locate the room which was at the top of the building.
It was one of the few hotel I've been in where the TV only received Radio and I couldn't get the WiFi password to work (for which I had to ask an overworked barman). In looking for the customary guide to the hotel and surrounding, usually positioned in a handy location I came across a receipt for pharmaceuticals from 6 months previous. I wondered (1) why hadn't the receipt been cleared away (2) was the receipt some coded reference to the WiFi password (it wasn't) and (3) was the person better now (I'll never know).
Later on I thought that I'd turned on the radio (sorry, TV) by mistake but it was only the occupants of the next room. Luckily all they did was talk and occasionally laugh heartily. At least, I think that was all they did. Top of my list on my travel kit is earplugs and come sleepy time they did the business (maybe next door did the business as well, who knows). Breakfast was very tasty though.

Nash Point was very nice. Smaller than I'd imagined and arriving an hour early for a recce was not really necessary. Had a pleasant chat with another photographer whilst the sun slowly dipped towards the horizon. He didn't know who may have left the receipt but at least the field has been narrowed by one.
When I finished taking photos and looked around I was amazed to see that the beach was like a busy day on the promenade. Photographer watching seemed to be the new thing. I wasn't sure whether to high five everyone on the way back. I didn't.

So here's a couple of shots from the day. Enjoy.