Poland September Workshop

09th October 2016
I'm back from an enjoyable week on another of Guy's workshop - this one was Poland at the end of September with Shian, John, Pat, Hilary and Maria.

We landed at Krakow airport at Sunday lunchtime which was a bonus as I'd forgotten the break started on Sunday and assumed it was the Monday. I only re-discovered this the week before so it was a bonus days holiday for me!

The first night we headed up the Krakus Mound which had some great views of the city of Krakow which we timed to coincide with sunset to make the most of the city lights as they came on. I've never seen so many wedding photos being taken in one place. All those happy memories of kids and dogs running around, tourist on bikes riding past and slightly bemused English landscape photographers looking on.
Day 2 was an early start (always early starts) to photograph a monastery at sunrise but we fell foul of 'to much mist'. Mist is usually a good thing but we couldn't get high enough to look down onto it.
After Karkow we head off to our base to the southeast which was at the Tajemniczy Ogrod hotel. From here we ventured out over the Slovakian border, into the Tatras mountains and up to Morskie Oko lake via horse and cart. Again, the lake was a popular spot for wedding photos. The brides must have especially enjoyed the one hour walk up to the lake in full white wedding dress regalia in temperatures of 21C. I didn't see one husband offer to carry his bride there. And they say romance is dead.
The food and drink at restaurants where we ate was of high quality and cheap compared with Britain. Polish petrol stations seemed to have 2 small shelves for sundries (but alas no iced coffee) but have 18 shelves of very tasty looking Polish beer. Which is a ratio of shelves I approve of (apart from the lack of iced coffee). After being awake for 6 hours and it only being 10am, iced coffee would have been very nice.
Poland photos are in this gallery. Enjoy them like I enjoyed the trip.